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The house and us

The house from the 17th century was once used for breeding silkworms. The impressive mulberry tree as the heart of the garden bears witness to this to this day.

The Mas Cavallon has been our family home since 1993 and a holiday home for friends and guests. A place full of wonderful encounters and moments - friendship, lightness, depth, culinary delights and fun. A place where the soul can dangle.

With a lot of love and their own hands, the grandparents' generation designed and cared for the Mas and over the years it has formed it into a small pearl.

Now in the second generation, the house was freshly renovated in 2022.

Mas Cavallon is a family home with soul, plants to cherish and furniture we love, in a village whose residents have become real neighbors to us. We look forward to you finding joy in this place and enjoying your vacation.





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